Apple Is In Another Meltdown Over Musk


Apple is joining the meltdown team over Elon Musk’s ownership of the Twitter social media platform. The giant company is now making threats about removing Twitter from its app store, according to a report from Musk.

The new CEO revealed this information on Monday while explaining that the company behind the iPhone has not given any reason for this sudden aggressive move.

Twitter has had to face a bombardment by companies putting a pause on their advertisements for reasons that they don’t seem ready to explain. It appears to be cases of virtue signaling from the left.

These kinds of attacks are very similar to the ones that social media company Parler received in early 2021. Amazon and other hosting services tried to shut the site down from the backend when it was alleged that some who used the platform participated in the riot at the Capitol on January 6th.

But later, evidence was given that Facebook was used far more frequently for that event, but it had never faced any backlash from other companies. The hypocrisy in that is priceless.

It seems that when these hosting companies threaten to try and shut down platforms like Twitter from the backend through their servers or app stores are not using any real standards for their decisions.

If values were really driving actions like the ones Twitter is facing now, they would have been shut down a long time ago for being a safe place for child pornography.

The truth about Musk’s leadership is that he had already been cleaning up that kind of filth on the platform. And while he has been busy doing this good work, companies continue to intensify their attacks against him.

So what is the driving force behind these threats from Apple and others?

It has to be fear in those far-left companies that conservative speech will be allowed to flow freely. It’s hard to imagine that Apple really believes that Twitter is more dangerous under Musk than it was before he took over the company. They must realize that his effort to shut down accounts that shared child porn and promoted violence has made the social media platform safer than before.

It looks like Apple is using the leverage that comes from threatening to take Twitter off of its App process to get concessions on how the site is moderated.

They are underestimating the power that they will have over Musk, or they are just bluffing right now.

It’s not hard to virtue signal if you really aren’t going to pull any triggers, the stakes are not high. If Twitter was removed from the App Store because of a biased rationale, lawsuits would surely be expected. Apple does not need that kind of frustration, and it won’t continue just to make a few people in the liberal media happy.

Companies, even powerful ones like Apple, can’t just do whatever they want. Their move would bring legal consequences and also competitive ones as well. Musk could decide to start his own phone and phone store.

This whole game is just not worth it to Apple, there is no real payoff for them.

So this is the new kind of battlefield we will face. Conservatives need to have backup plans in place because the woke companies will make a whole lot of noise and create some smoke. But we will rarely see real fire, and if we do, we pivot to plan B and provide damaging competition in alternative methods of commerce. This will need to cover the spectrum of social media to banking.

Let the bluffing games begin.