Why is No One in Congress Calling for Joe Biden’s Secretary of the Army to be Fired?

If you think back to the very beginning of the illegitimate Biden regime’s time in office, you might remember that they were always bragging about their “historic” appointments to various government positions.

The first “this” and the first “that” were being appointed to government jobs and cabinet positions instead of the most competent or qualified people, and we were all supposed to applaud.

One of those “historic” appointments was Christine Wormuth. She was, the Biden regime told us smugly, the first woman to be appointed to the position of Secretary of the Army. Too bad she’s also turned out to be a catastrophic failure at the job, despite being the first woman to hold it.

A couple of things that the Biden regime didn’t brag about were also important about this appointment. Christine Wormuth has no military experience AND no management experience of any kind under her belt. We’ve had civilians serve in these sorts of positions in the past, but those were always people with impressive management skills and a track record of success.

Christine Wormuth doesn’t have that. She’s been a policy flack who has bounced around between the Clinton and Obama administrations.

And now she’s in charge of the Army?

Wormuth did serve in the Department of Defense as the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy between 2014 and 2016. If you just thought to yourself, “Hey, wasn’t that the same time as when ISIS took over a big chunk of Iraq and Syria and set up a Caliphate ruling over 10 million people?” then you are correct.

That’s exactly what she was supposed to be advising the Secretary of Defense about at that time. So, Christine Wormuth didn’t exactly do a bang-up job in that position, either. But the Biden regime put her in charge of the US Army anyway!

The number one priority for the Secretary of the Army position is supposed to be meeting the quarterly recruitment goals so that the Army is ready and fully staffed in case a war breaks out. Christine Wormuth just missed the quarterly recruitment goal for the Army for the first time since we did away with the draft after Vietnam.

And she missed it by a lot. Only 45,000 people enlisted in the last quarter, instead of the 60,000 that was the goal. She failed by 25% at her number one task.

What’s she been doing instead of the number one priority of the Secretary of the Army? Well, that’s easy since she put out a memo about her goals in this “historic” appointment.

One of Christine Wormuth’s goals is “to continue our efforts to be resilient in the face of climate change.”

Wormuth continues, “The Army must adapt its installations, acquisition programs and training to be able to operate in a changing environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

What?! Is that somehow more important than having a military that will be ready to face off against China or Russia if the doo-doo really hits the fan? Apparently, it is to Christine Wormuth.

Another one of Wormuth’s main goals is to “reduce harmful behaviors” in the Army. Which behaviors? Racism, extremism (supporting Donald Trump), and sexual harassment.

As any commander will tell you, the number one harmful behavior that the armed services face on almost any military base is drunk driving and DUI arrests. It’s not the stuff that Christine Wormuth is worried about.

The amazing thing is that Republicans in Congress are not calling for Christine Wormuth to be fired. She has no management experience and no military experience, and she has politicized the military by chasing after fake partisan political goals like fighting global warming.

This woman is endangering national security. She needs to be fired immediately, but it doesn’t seem like anyone even notices or cares about how badly she’s failing.