Overrun: Biden DHS Just Releasing Hundreds of Illegals to Fend for Themselves

David Peinado Romero / shutterstock.com
David Peinado Romero / shutterstock.com

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is so overwhelmed by the ongoing migrant surge that they were forced to just turn 498 illegal aliens loose in El Paso, TX on Monday. In not unrelated news, the homeless population in El Paso swelled by 498 people in one night.

Sorry, El Paso residents!

Even though you pay taxes to the federal government, you don’t get to have nice things anymore because Joe Biden and Congress hate your guts. And the current unprecedented surge of illegals that the government cannot keep up with already is only going to get worse next week when Joe Biden allows President Trump’s successful Title 42 to expire.

So many illegals have been pouring over the border the past few days that there are no CBP shelter beds or even sleeping bags left for them. CBP in El Paso has one facility that is designed to house 3,500 fake “asylum seekers” while their fake claims are processed. On Monday, that facility had crammed 5,628 illegals into it.

The shelter was already 2,100 over capacity when the additional 498 showed up, and they had to just dump them on the streets. They were recorded by KTSM-TV sleeping on mattresses and cardboard boxes in Downtown El Paso.

There are three vacant apartments listed on the El Paso Craigslist page on the day of this writing. We’re just guessing that the 498 new homeless illegal aliens from central Africa and the far reaches of South America are probably not going to be able to pass a credit check to rent one of the three available apartments. There’s nowhere for the illegals to live in El Paso. They’re obviously going to have to be shuffled off to some other location inside the US. Joe Biden would prefer for this to be your neighborhood.

To give a sense of how devastating this is to a border town, let’s look at some past numbers of homelessness. 2019 was the last time the city did a year-long survey of homelessness. This is a good comparison year, because Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy was in effect, and we had operational control of the border. El Paso’s population is around 678,000.

In all of 2019, El Paso County was able to count 809 homeless individuals. That’s in the entire county. They counted 111 people who were chronically homeless. These are the fentanyl zombies and mentally ill druggies who are making no effort to get out of their homelessness situation. Anyway, that’s what El Paso County looked like when America’s last real president was in office.

In one night this week, the homeless population in El Paso shot up by 498, thanks to Joe Biden’s endless flood of illegal aliens. A 5X increase in a single night.
Once the pandemic hit, President Trump enacted Title 42, which provided even more control over the border. Since President Trump cared about Americans, he wasn’t going to let a bunch of potentially sick illegal aliens into the country. Under Title 42, illegals have to wait in Mexico until their fake asylum claims are processed.

Title 42 expires next week, and there is a humongous flood of illegals just waiting to rush the border when that happens. It’s so bad that California Governor Gavin Newsom warned Joe Biden and “Border Czar” Kamala Harris about it this week. He told them the immigration system is about to break when these people start coming in. You know the situation is bad when Governor HairGel starts worrying about it.

There’s nowhere left to put the illegals, so we are on the brink of an unimaginable humanitarian crisis right as winter is setting in. It’s going to be bad for the illegals and even worse for the Americans, whose cities and towns are about to be overrun with hungry, homeless illegal aliens while our economy is in the toilet. Brace yourselves.